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October 11, 2009

Alejandro Decinti

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Alejandro Decinti is a Chilean painter whose work I’m undecided about, but still want to post.  His paintings from a few years ago display a similar approach and tonality as the work of Antonio Lopez Garcia, as can be seen in works like this one:


Then his paintings show an increased interest in paint for paint’s sake.  The still life below of materials seems to play with the tension between materials and representation, with the blue of the bucket merging into the flat blue wall, thereby flattening the image.  This sort of thing is reminiscent of Manet’s work, and a tribute to the Bar at the Folies-Bergere shows Decinti’s interest in him.


Thereafter his work becomes more involved with its own material qualities, with abstract marks breaking contours.  His compositions have also become increasingly unsettling and often creepy.


Love his early work. Undecided about his later stuff. Opinions? Check out his website and see what you think.

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