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May 2, 2008

Duane Keiser

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Duane Keiser can probably be credited with starting, or at least being the catalyst for the massive number of painters who paint something small everyday and post the results on a blog.  This ‘painting a day’ phenomenon has worked very well from a business point of view for Keiser.  In fact, it has worked a great deal better than for most others.  I guess this is due to the fact that it doesn’t come across as contrived, but a very genuine diligent study of what is around him.

These little paintings, mostly still life, are little gems of observational painting, completed to varying levels of finish.  They show what I love most in contemporary art, which is a contemporary vision, executed with respect to the lessons found in great masters.  His compositions and subject matter are very definitely modern, having the feel of something Keiser has chanced upon while wondering what to paint, rather than something set up to be studied.

This quality of the chance set up, gives them an interesting quality.  Though not depicting movement of ethereal objects, one is aware that what is captured is something that was not there for long.  They are snapshots of what is in Keiser’s field of vision.

Duane Keiser’s website

Keiser’s ‘Painting a Day’ blog


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