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April 18, 2008

Mark Demsteader

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Mark Demsteader’s work displays the simple joy of drawing from life.  Though his work is repetitive and can feel somewhat formulaic, he manages to retain an intensity and focus in each piece.  Most of his work consists of charcoal drawings of single figures, usualy women, on a blank background with gouache to pull out the lights.  It is clear he is interested in both line and form, and seems to refuse to make a choice to go exclusively for either.

The simplicity of his work, the lack of background and lack or narrative, allows the figure to be a subject in and of itself.  It is clear he spends a great deal of time selecting poses, reaching for the most graceful, the most beautiful line, and the most interesting shadow patterns.

It is unsurprising that his work sells well.  If you like one piece, you’ll probably like most of them.  They are skillfully executed and display that balance between the traditional and the modern.  What interests me most is his painted work.  He does far fewer paintings than drawings, but the ones he does have an atmosphere of longing, emotion and spirituality that is not so present in his charcoal work.

Mark Demsteader’s Website

Mark Demsteader’s gallery has many more images

Google him for lots of other galleries stocking his work, with additional images.

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  1. enjoyed reading your comments. If you can locate images of early paintings you will find great depth and variety with male and multi figure compositions. This is not to say they are all good but the ones he gets right are for me perfect. As for the typical lone female images which yes are both beautiful to look at and beautifully drawn there is so much more to this artist. Have you seen any of his inks or etchings? I am lucky enough to have a hugh head study painting which nearly fills its frame & I never tire of looking at its adstract parts which come together so wonderfully.

    Comment by Diane Moore — August 2, 2008 @ 9:36 am | Reply

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